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Stay on Top of Your Job Search with These 4 Savvy Suggestions


You crossed a major threshold in life when you received your college diploma. Now you’re walking out the doors of RISE at State College and heading into the next phase of your life. Don’t be intimidated by what lies ahead. We’ve got plenty of tips for you as you embark on your post-grad job search.

Tailor Your Resume

One common mistake to make when job seeking is creating a generic, static resume to submit with every application. If you want to be considered for a position, then you need to carefully tailor your resume for each application. Remember that many companies these days are using screening software to select which resumes get reviewed by an actual person. That means your resume needs to be highly customized, showing direct evidence that your experience and career objectives make you a perfect fit for each job opportunity.

Don’t Be Afraid to Constantly Tinker

While you’re making small changes to your resume in order to make sure it matches up with the applications you’re submitting, don’t forget all the other places that can use some tinkering: your cover letters, your LinkedIn account, etc. Make sure you are using keywords that match with the job descriptions you’re pursuing. These tiny changes and updates are essential for standing out in the applicant pool.

Be Yourself

While you might be tempted to follow all the job seeking advice down to the letter, including giving all the “right” answers in a job interview and designing your resume with standardized formatting, in reality, this simply makes you fade into the crowd. Employers aren’t looking for automatons who have simply memorized the steps. They want to see your personality and all the things that make you unique. Dare to stand out from the crowd!

Take the Extra Steps

Once you’ve identified where you want to work, don’t just apply and wait for a call. Put yourself on the radar of the people who could help you get that interview. Arrange informational interviews. Ask if you can shadow someone in the position you want for a day. And if you get that interview – don’t forget to send a thank-you note!

You’ve got the education and now you’ve got job search tips for starting off on the right foot. Follow the RISE at State College blog for more tips on post-grad life.


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